Offices to rent in BCIN Badalona - Barcelona

Offices for rent, furnished and including services: Electricity, cleaning, telephone, Internet, air conditioning and parking. Special rates when renting rooms.

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We have different sizes to suit your space needs:
- 15 m2: 1 - 2 people
- 22 m2: 2 -3 people
- 31 m2: 3-4 people
- 44 m2 4-6 people
Ease of growth on the BUSINESS CENTRE. Pool of 30 industrial and service companies. Six month contracts with renewal fee, no time limit. Enjoy the facilities a BUSINESS CENTRE can offer, with an overlooking of the Mediterranean. Conferences and Business Meetings, training sessions all in the center.

Halls for events in BCIN Badalona - Barcelona

Mailing address services for businesses: Parcel reception, registered mail notices and 4-hour per month rental of the Albert Ferrer meeting room.