We invite you to the motivational session of Àlex Roca, ambassador of the FC Barcelona Foundation, for OVERCOMING, MANAGING FEAR, PREJUDICES, MISTAKES AND DEFEATS, which we will celebrate at the BCIN on Wednesday, March 22 from 9:45 to 11:00.

“My name is Àlex Roca. When I was 6 months old, I suffered a cerebral herpes that caused paralysis in 76% of my body. The doctors said that I would die or that I would remain in a vegetative state. But I survived.

Then they told me I couldn’t walk. Neither run, nor ride a bike, nor fend for myself. Have a partner or get a job in a company. But I did it all!

As always, I have thought that YOU PUT THE LIMIT ON YOU. In recent years I have run 2 TITAN DESERT, 5 Triathlons, 4 Half Marathons and different challenges around the world, which many thought impossible”.

For Registration at: https://forms.gle/ei5chj1ANAvCS3nw8

Author: Oriol