Reactivación Badalona, SA is a public mercantile company integrated into the Area of Promotion of the City and Reconstruction COVID, which has the mission of promoting economic policy and local development to promote the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of Badalona through the promotion of employment, the promotion of entrepreneurship and support for companies, responding to the different needs of people in their territory and from the perspective of the plural economy, which includes the Social and Solidarity Economy.

Badalona Reactivation also promotes the empowerment of citizens and the rebalancing between territories to achieve a fair model of economic development and the creation, maintenance and distribution of employment.

It is the manager of the BADALONA CENTRO INTERNACIONAL DE NEGOCIOS – BCIN building, with the BUSINESS CENTER for hosting and supporting companies and start-ups or spin-offs, and the CONVENTION CENTER, with rooms for holding company events.

All Badalona Reactivation activity is carried out around these four values:

Equal opportunities and social progress. Promote the development of a fair model for the creation, maintenance and distribution of employment, which empowers citizens, incorporates the gender and diversity perspective in all organizational areas and in a transversal manner and favors rebalancing between territories.

Cooperation within the organization and with others. Internally and externally promote the cooperation and professionalism of workers through continuous improvement, advancing towards the excellence of their skills and the development of their talent, promoting forms of teamwork, collaborative, transversal and participatory that favor well-being. labor and citizenship.

Social and sustainable economy at the service of people. Promote a model of Social and Solidarity Economy, where the plurality of social sectors, collective entrepreneurship and social innovation, generate a fairer economic development, present in each and every one of the territories.



Spirit of public service and professional and personal ethics. Promote public services that advance towards greater coordination of the public, private and community ecosystem in which good practices, transparency, professional and personal ethics and public virtue, as a practical realization of certain values, are the bases that consolidate good governance and citizenship orientation.

Any 2022
Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya | Especialització territorial i dinamització empresarial | 36.000,00 €
Diputació de Barcelona | Servei Local d’empresa 2022-2023 | 199.800,00 €
Diputació de Barcelona | Eix Besòs Circular | 59.500,00 €

Any 2021
Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya | Accions Estratègiques per al Barcelonès Nord | 13.068,00 €
Diputació de Barcelona | Eix Besòs Circular | 19.209,00 €

Any 2020
Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya | Transformació cap a l’Economia Circular dels polígons industrials de Badalona | 36.000,00 €

Any 2019

Diputació de Barcelona | Eix Besòs Circular | 30.000,00 €

Diputació de Barcelona | Servei Local d’Empresa 2019 | 94.806,00 €

Any 2018

Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya | Pla integral de transformació dels polígons Nord i Sud de Badalona | 35.816,00 €

Diputació de Barcelona | Pla de transformació social dels barris colindants al poligon Sud | 22.500,00 €

Diputació de Barcelona | Eix Besòs Circular | 30.000,00 €

Diputació de Barcelona | Servei Local d’Empresa 2018 | 72.225,00 €

Any 2017

Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya | Desenvolupament del Pla de Transformació Energètica i Economia Circular dels polígons industrials de Badalona | 27.045,55 €